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Decorex  JHB 2018  

JHB Art Week 2018                           

Hosted from Studio 203, 2nd Floor, August House, New Doornfontein

Group Exhibition 

Featuring works by:

Mongezi Ncombo

Arlindo Maunde

Duma Mthimkulu

Petros Mwenga

Thamba Tabvuma

Bolelang Leepile

Moleboheng Tsonope

Omphemetse Botolo

Decorex  JHB 2017  

 Join us at Gallagher Convention Centre, Ballroom, Stand AP27, for a beautiful collection of Fine Art by various talented Artists. We bring you contemporary African Art Featuring Works by:

Tshidzo Mangena,

Petros Mwenga,

Jemmiro and many more.     


Previous Exhibitions                                                                                                                                               Hosted from Studio 18, Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct

Solo exhibitions

Group Exhibition

Cut from the Same Cloth

by Neo Mahome 

In this collection of six Acrylic paintings, Neo explores the use of various pieces of fabric in each of his works.  He compares the fabric with prominent rivers on the African continent and how each river inter-relates with the other, forming a common thread which eventually describes how all Africans, just like the rivers, are inter-related and are a 'Cut from the Same Cloth.'  Each painting is named after a river: Niger, Okavangu, Orange, Ogooue, Limpopo, Kagera.                                    


Love Letters

by Wesley Groblar            

A collection of written poetry and skillful use of Oil paints on Messonite Board.  Wesley journeys through his experience of having gained love to accepting its loss.  His twelve paintings express intense emotions through the use of vibrant colours, while elephants speak of a human aspect that strongly aligns with the nature of an elephant.  Each painting has a unique piece of poetry written on it.


Johannesburg Art Week

Featuring works by:

Vincent Baloyi,     

Fortune Dlamini,

Wesley Snyders, 

Solomon Omogboye,

Francois Pretorious,

Fikile Skosana,

and many more 

Decorex JHB 2016


Featuring works by:

Francois Pretorious,

Arlindo Maunde,

Dineo Molefe,

Thina Dube, and more